Version 0.1.0

Pix4Dengine server is our new SDK for customers that want to scale, automate and integrate photogrammetry into their business processes.


  • Highly configurable processing pipeline that supports custom plugins
  • Access to the Pix4D photogrammetry algorithms

Known issues

  • Exporting a 3D mesh into a PDF document when the SDK is used on Windows Server 2016 will result in an early termination of the engine server at the very end of its execution. The early termination happens after the request sent to the engine server was executed and does not intefere with its results.
  • Indices, e.g., based on combinations of RGB channels, currently cannot be produced using the SDK.


  • Projects from older Pix4Dmapper versions can be processed and will be automatically converted to the mapper version in used by Pix4Dengine.
  • Pipelines are a particularly new feature, their functionality and interface should be expected to change in the future.